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Bariloche - San Carlos de Bariloche - Argentina Travel Information

Photos from Bariloche

אגם טראפול (2003) Lago Traful עץ ארויאן (2003) Arrayan Tree אזור יאו-יאו (2003) Llao-Llao אזור יאו-יאו (2003) Llao-Llao אגם טראפול (2003) Lago Traful דרך שבעת האגמים (2003)

Bariloche is the main city in the lake district of Argentina. The city is located 1621 km south to Buenos Aires. Bariloche is one of the most popular vacationer cities in Argentina in summer and in winter.

The city is situated in Nahuel Huapi National Park by Nahuel Huapi lakeside. Its main attraction is the variety of activities, tours and restaurants in the area.

There are 2 high-seasons: December ? February when the weather is pleasant and July the high ski-season. July is not suitable for tours in the area but only for ski.

The Seven lakes route

The Seven lakes tour is a 1 to 2 days round tour leavening from Bariloche and returning to it. The best way to do the tour is by a rented car (from Bariloche). The round tour is about 400 km.


The tour is leaving from Bariloche north to Via de Angostora village and continues north until San Martin de los Andes village. Over there you can sleep, and drive south on the following day to Bariloche.

Near Via de Angostora village there is Arrayanes National Park, known for many as ?Bambi? forest because of the peel of the trees that reminds of young Bambi?s fur.

In case you are interested to shorten the trip and finish it in one day, you can make a shortcut through Traful Lake with its amazing water color.


Watch out from small car-rental companies in Bariloche ? their vehicles are not highly maintained and you might find yourself stuck with a broken vehicle (as we did) without an alternative vehicle. A bigger company will have an alternative car to offer.

A day trip to Llao Llao

One of the most popular day-tour in Bariloche area is to Llao Llao peninsula, situated west to the city by the lakeside. The tour is also called ?the small circle? (Circuito Chico).

You can do it by car, public transportation or organized tour. It is a round tour of 60 km when leaving from Bariloche.


The fist part of the track goes through the lake shore, at the bottom to Campanario Mountain. The mountain is 1050 meters and has a cable car that leads to an amazing view point. (The mountain is 17 km from Bariloche center).

Next stop is Llao Llao village. From here begins a round trip that passes in the peninsula around Perito Moreno Lake. There are buses going through the track, so you can always start it by foot and then catch the bus when getting tired

It is advisable getting of the road and walking in the trails that pass on the lakeshore, tour in the small Bambi-trees forest and visiting the spectacular view points.