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Photos from Buracay

החוף הלבן (2003) White Beach האי בורקאי האי בורקאי חוף סבבי (2003) Sababi Beach

The island of Buracay is a small island (its length is about 7km, and its width is far less than that) close to the shores of the island of Panay. The Buracay beach is considered by many to be one of the best beaches in the world, if the THE best. Each year thousands of tourists arrive to this island to enjoy the white sand and the many available activities.

Most of the tourists concentrate around a long strip of sand called White Beach, which is where boats arrive from Panay with tourists. The more mellow part of the beach is the southern part, but I've recently heard that some hotels will be built in that part too.

The island has many more beaches, some undeveloped, where you can escape the crowds of Buracay's White Beach.

If you love white beaches and hot nightlife, then Buracay is the island for you. If you're looking for quiet beaches, then maybe you should spend your time on a different isald?

Getting to Buracay

A fleet of motor boats take passengers from the city of Caticlan in Panay to Buracay and back. The boats work from 06:00 to 18:00, and leave every 15 minutes. The cost of the ride is about 20 Pesos. After 18:00 boats continue to travel based on the need, until 22:00, and the price goes up to around 30 pesos.

The boats to Buracay stop at three regular stations (boat stations 1-3) which require walking in the water to reach the shore. There are porters available in these stops to carry the passengers that do not want to walk in the water. That is why you should take short trousers and sandals for this ride.