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Ibera Lake - Argentina Travel Information

Photos from Ibera Lake

צבי פמפה (2003) Pampas Deer קיימן שחור (2003) Black Cayman אנפה לבנת צוואר (2003)White-necked Heron (2003) Red-crested Cardinal and two Bay-Winged Cowbirds קפיברה (2003) Capybarra (2003) Great Kiskadee ביצות איברה (2003) ציפור (2003) קפיברה (2003) Capybarra קיימן שחור (2003) Black Cayman קיימן שחור (2003) Black Cayman נקר (2003) Wood Pecker

(Estrellas de Ibera)

Laguna Ibera (or Ibera swamps) is really quite off the beaten track, in north east Argentina. The swamps resemble the Pantanal swamps in Brazil, but without the hordes of tourists.

Getting to Ibera Lake

The exit point of the swamps tours is Colonia Carlos Pellegrini village. You can get to this village from Mercedes town by a minibus that leaves from Mercedes every day at noon. To reach Mercedes you can take a bus from Corrientes of from Paso del los libres (I have no other information on this way).

A tour in the Ibera swamps

You can go to the swamp by boat to watch alligators, deer and over 300 types of birds and other animals. Off course all of it can be seen from a very short distance. You can also go for a horse ride, but I would prefer going on a boat then riding a horse since you get to see all those animals. Another tour you can take is by foot to a small forest where a group of roar monkeys is living.

You should dedicate at least 3 days but preferably more ? a day to arrive, a day for the tour and a day to leave.


The place I slept in is highly recommended (but also expensive!) and is called Rancho Ypa Sapukai. The place is offering accommodation including meals and is organizing the tours to the swamps. There is also an organized campsite in the village and some other cheaper places.