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נקודת התצפית - בנאווה טראסות האורז של בנאווה טראסות אורז - בטאד טראסות אורז - הכפר בטאד טראסות אורז - הכפר בטאד טראסות אורז - הכפר בטאד טראסות אורז - הכפר בטאד טראסות אורז - הכפר בטאד ארונות קבורה תלויים (2003) Hanging Coffins ארונות קבורה תלויים (2003) Hanging Coffins צפון האי לוזון: סגאדה - Sagada

The Rice Terraces

The rice terraces of north Luzon are perhaps the Philippine?s most known attraction, and in many eyes the eighth wonder of the ancient world. The people of Ifugao tribe that are living in the area for the last 2000 years have been filling the mountain?s slopes over the years with rice terraces, which are geometrical wonder.

If we join the terraces in one line, they will surround half of the globes. The vertical distance between the highest terraces to the lowest terraces are more then the height of the tallest buildings in the world.

The fact that the terraces were built with primitive wooden tools makes them even much more impressive. The complicated watering system that brought water to the terraces through bamboo pipes and drainage canals are also very impressive.

April and May are the best months to visit in the area since the terraces shines in a fine green color before the rice collection. Only one rice crop is being grown in a year, so surprisingly the area is compelled to import rice and not to export.

Today the terraces are going through a slow destruction process due to the lack of maintenance.

UNESCO declared The Rice Terraces in 1995 as a World Heritage Site.


The town Banaue is situated at the central mountains area (Central Cordillera) in north Luzon Island. The town itself is not impressive, but is being used as a convenient base for traveling in the area.

The first place where you can be impressed from the terraces is the view point in Banaue, situated about 10 minutes drive on the motorbike on the rode to Bontoc. The point is situated behind some souvenir shops.


Batad is a small and faraway village with the most impressive terraces in the area. The village is situated at the bottom of several mountains, and the slopes of all the mountains in the area are covered with amazing rice terraces.


There are several restaurants and guesthouses in the village.

Getting there

It is not possible to reach the village by car. There are 2 ways to get to the village:

  • Motorbike
    getting with a motorbike until the beginning of the track that leads to the village, and then climbing the mountain that is parting the road from the village by foot. Motorbikes can not go up the mountains with passengers, but can go down.
  • Jeep
    it is possible to rent a jeep that will take you to the top of the mountain, and from there you will continue down the mountain to the village by foot. On your way back you will need to climb the mountain until the parking, where the jeep will be waiting. The ride at a jeep is much more expensive, but saves the ascent to the village at the beginning.

In any case the scenery that appears when getting close to the village definitely worth the effort. The track is very clear and there is no need for a guide to get to Batad. It is recommended to ask the motorbike driver to pick you up later that day or the day after incase you intent to stay the night over (highly recommended!). There are several restaurants and accommodations in the village.


The village Sagada is known for the unique way of its inhabitants of burying their dead. Part of the dead are actually not buried, but being hanged in coffins on the cliff?s walls in the area or being put in coffins inside caves.

Getting there

The village is situated near the main city of the area ? Bontoc.