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Pan de Azucar - Chile Travel Information

Photos from Pan de Azucar

פאן דה אסוכר (2002) Pan de Azucar קקטוס קופיאפואה (2002) Copiapoa Cactus שועל אפור (2002) Gray Fox פאן דה אסוכר (2002) Pan de Azucar פאן דה אסוכר (2002) Pan de Azucar קורמורן אדום-רגל (2002) Red-Legged Cormorant שקנאים (2002) Pelicans פינגווין הומבולדט (2002) Humboldt penguins פאן דה אסוכר (2002) Pan de Azucar פאן דה אסוכר (2002) Pan de Azucar פאן דה אסוכר (2002) Pan de Azucar פאן דה אסוכר (2002) Pan de Azucar

(Parque Nacional Pan de Azucar)

Pan de Azucar National Park is divided into two parts. The first part is an island with a small penguin colony, sea-lions and sea bird colonies. The second part is the land part, with many cactuses, various animals and an impressive view point.

Getting to Pan de Azucar

The park is located near the town of Chañral. From town you can either take a taxi to the park or you can get there by a car. The distance from the town to the park is short.

Visiting Pan de Azucar

It is recommended to devote 2 days for the tour of the park. You can either walk or drive on an unpaved road to the impressive view point that overlooks the bay from one of the mountains in the area. On the way you might meet some foxes, vicuñas (a wild animal similar to Llama) and impressive cactuses.

Another interesting tour is going by boat to Pan de Azucar Island to watch the penguin colony and the other animals that live on the island. The tour only takes you around the island - it is forbidden to land on the islands. The tour is very similar to the tour at Ballestas Islands near Pisco in Peru, only with fewer tourists.


On the reserve's beach there is a small fishing village with a charming campsite (with payment). There is another campsite of the park but it is a bit more expensive.

It is possible to sleep in the private home of Señiora Maria which is a cheap, clean and tidy place. Unfortunately I don't have additional details on this place but will be happy to receive any other information on this place from other travelers.