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פילפלים אדומים מתייבשים בשמש - סלטה - ארגנטינה סביב סלטה (2003) Around Salta מוזיאון פצ'ממה (2003) Museo Pachamama סביב סלטה (2003) Around Salta סביב סלטה (2003) Around Salta סביב סלטה (2003) Around Salta לה קוייקה (2003) פורממרקה - הר שבעת הצבעים (2003) Purmamarca - Cerro de 7 Colores רכבת אל העננים (2003) Tren a las Nubes כנסייה קטנה בדרך מסלטה (2003) סביב סלטה (2003) Around Salta בית קברות (2003)

Salta is located in north of Argentina, and is a passing point to or from Bolivia.

There are several activities options in Salta area (except for the city tour):

  • A tour south through Cachi and Cafayate
  • A tour north through Jujuy.
  • A ride on the train to the clouds (Tren de los Nubes).

Driving to Cachi and Cafayate

Duration: 2 days, tour type: by rented car.

The tour starts from Salta city through road 33, climbing to the mountains and coming down from their other side through Los Cardones Park (huge cactus) to Cachi. The way down takes the passenger from one climate (wet and mountainous) to a completely different one (dry and desert-like), therefore even if it rains in Salta it is still worthwhile taking the tour.

Chaci is surrounded by beautiful desert sceneries and when traveling in the right season (I traveled in March) an amazing sight is expected ? red peppers which are being dried on the ground ? a must experience for every photographer.

The way south to Cafayate continues through road number 40 in beautiful desert views.

After a night in Cafayate, you can continue south and visit Quilmes antiques and the museum at Amaicha del Valle.

The way back north to Salta passes through amazing shaped rocks and colorful mountains. Each different shaped rock has a name of what it reminds of ? a monk, a frog? Before each special rock there is a sigh on the road.

Driving to Jujuy

Duration: 2 days
Type: by rented car. It is possible to return the car at the end of the trail at the crossing point to Bolivia for extra payment.

The offered tour starts in Salta, going south on road number 68 and then turning east to road number 51. This road climbing up the mountains parallel to the famous ?cloud train? (Tren a las Nuber)

It is a beautiful way and it is possible to get to the bridge which the train crosses. The road climbs up to the miners? town San Antinio de los Cobres.

From this point going back to Salta. Not need to stay the night in Salta and you can continue driving up to Jujuy and sleep there.

The next day going north on road number 9 until turning to road number 52 that leads to Purmamarca village, where the 7 colors mountain is (Cerro de 7 colores).

Continuing north down the road. Again, in the right season there are huge grounds of dried red peppers.

If you rented a good vehicle, you can turn towards the picturesque Iruya village, famous for its picturesque church.

Continuing north up to La Quiaca, where you stay the night over. If you have enough time on the next day, you can drive to Yavi village to see the nice San Francisco church that was built in 1690.

Another option: west to road number 9, there is a big reserve ? Laguna Pozuelos mostly for flamingos. In bad weather it is a problem passing through it.