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Santa Cruz - Cueva de los manos - Argentina Travel Information

Photos from Santa Cruz

דרך 40 (2003) Ruta 40 מערת הידיים (2003) Cueva de los Manos מערת הידיים (2003) Cueva de los Manos דרך 40 (2003) Ruta 40

The Santa Cruz province is located in the southern part of Argentina, in the area known as Patagonia. Most of this province is quite desolate, but many travelers pass through this province on their way from Chile to see Patagonia's glaciers.

Cueva de los Manos

The hand cave in South Argentina contains an extraordinary prehistoric cave art collection that was painted about 13,500 to 9,500 years ago. The name of the cave comes for the many hands shadow (over 890) painted on the walls. In the caves there are also paintings of animals and geometric shapes.

The cave is located at South Argentina in the painting river (Rio Pinturas) near Perito Moreno town. Don?t let the name confuse you - the town is not close to the famous Perito Moreno glacier ? both are just named after the same person.

UNESCO declared Cueva de los Manos in 1999 as a World Heritage Site.

Getting there

To visit the place you can rent a car with a driver at Perito Moreno town. It is possible to get to one of 2 points with the car- a close point that requires passing a canyon by foot to get to the cave or a longer way that reaches a point that is closer to the cave. The different between the 2 ways are the vehicle rental cost.