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Tierra del Fuego - Ushuaia - Argentina Travel Information

Photos from Tierra del Fuego

אושוויה (2003) Ushuaia נקר מגלאני (2003)
Magellanic Woodpecker פרק לאומי ארץ האש (2003) Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego is the name of an island located at the south part of South Argentina. The island is divided between Argentina and Chile and has the most southern city in the world ? Ushuaia.

Tierra del Fuego National Park

At the south-west part of the island, near the border with the Chilean part, situated the Tierra del Fuego (land of fire) National Park. The park is characterized with snowed summits and lakes that were created among them as a result of glaciers movements.

The park is offering several one-day tours in the area (with a convenient tent parking area inside the park), between the greenish lakes view and the snowed mountains that are so typical for Patagonia.

During the walk in the park, look for the red Magellanic woodpecker by the knocking sound that it makes while pecking the trees.
It is also recommended visit the beaver colony in the park and watch the dams that were built very professionally.

The sceneries in the park are indeed impressive, but there are not the nicest ones in Patagonia. If you are short in time then you can skip it, unless you are eager to say you?ve been to the most southern city in the world.


As mentioned above, Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world which is situated on Begal canal shore. It is a nice and friendly city for travelers. The sea museum is interesting (although it is a bit loaded with exhibits). It is also advisable visiting the excellent chocolate shop ? Laguna Negra.


A recommendation for travelers with a tent: La pista del Andino - a camping place with homely atmosphere.

Getting there

The most annoying thing in the city is arriving to it. During high season the transportation to the city (and mainly from it) is loaded, which makes it also very expensive. Since most travelers are leaving Ushuaia by flight, flight booking is the most problematic part. Therefore make sure to book your flight well in advance!