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If you are thinking of visiting Israel and traveling to the various places of interest in Israel, then the best thing that you can do is to contact the travel agencies who conduct various Israel tours. The country of Israel has so many so things to see and so much to experience. These tours are designed so that each and every part of the country is covered. You can choose the kind of places you want to visit and have an enjoyable time in Israel.

Various kinds of Israel tours

The Israel tours are named according to the kind of places. Some of the most popular Israel tours are

  • Israel Biblical tour: This tour is conducted revolving around places that have Biblical importance or were mentioned in the Bible. The tour is conducted in places like Bethlehem, Galilee and Galilean Sea.
  • Israel Christian tour: This tour may at times overlap with the Biblical tour. The Christian tour takes the tourists to the various churches of Israel, the place of the Last Supper and the tomb of the Christ.
  • Israel Judaism tour: The Judaism tour takes the visitors to places like the Western wall of the Temple of Solomon, the Masada, the Dead Sea and to Jerusalem.
  • Jerusalem tours: These conducted tours take the visitors to both the old city as well as the new city of Jerusalem.
  • Dead Sea tours: The Dead Sea with its white beaches is widely popular among the tourists who are looking forward to a leisure vacation in Israel. After the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls from the caves in the surrounding areas, the Dead Sea has become a popular tourist spot.

Experience Jerusalem like never before

The Holy City of Jerusalem is divided into four quarters ? the Jewish quarter, the Christian quarter, the Islam quarter and the Armenian quarter. This makes Jerusalem the single city that draws the maximum number of tourists and pilgrims from the three major monotheistic religions of the world.

A unique factor of Jerusalem tours is the meeting point of the old city of Jerusalem with the new city of Jerusalem. The old city of Jerusalem is home to the historical and religious places like the Wailing Wall, the Mount of Olives and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of the Rock, the Golan Heights and the Al Aqsa Mosque.

For accommodation, the tourists can stay at the various Jerusalem hotels that can be found in the new city of Jerusalem. These hotels are some of the finest in all of Israel. They offer world class luxury with all the modern amenities that the guests can think of. This unique combination of the ancient world and the modern world is what makes the Jerusalem tours so popular among the tourists from across the globe.

Book your holiday now

By now you must have already made up your mind of visiting Israel. The Israel tours are simply wonderful. The land of Israel with its various scenic beauties, wilderness, historical and religious places is something which you just cannot afford to miss. So visit the various travel websites specializing in Israel tours and book your ticket now.