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Jezreel Valley - Tel Megiddo - Nahalal - Sea of Galilee Travel Information

Photos from Jezreel Valley

נהלל - הסליק בנהלל נהלל - הסליק בנהלל

The Jezreel Valley, also known as Esdraelon, is Israel's largest valley. While there are other valleys in Israel, in Hebrew the Jezreel Valley is often referred to simply as "Ha'emek - The Valley". It is located between the mountains of Samaria in the south and the Galilee heights in the north. The Jezreel Valley is transversed by the ancient byway called the Via Maris, the thoroughfare that connected ancient Mesopotamia with Egypt. For this reason the Jezreel has witnessed countless wars and important historical movements.

The southwestern entrance to the valley is dominated by Megiddo (called in Rev. 16:16 "Armageddon"). Mt. Tabor, where Deborah and her general Barak surrounded and destroyed the Canaanite army of Sisera, is located in the northeast of the valley. To the north, Nazareth overlooks the vast valley.

The broad Jezreel Valley is about 15 miles north to south, and 30 miles across. It is home to some of the most fertile farmland in Israel, with Kishon River to the west and the Harod River to the east.

The "Sliq" of Nahalal

The Nahalal "Sliq" (a hiding place for weapons during the British mandate in Israel) was one of the main Sliqs of the Hagana organization in the Jezreel Valley. The Sliq was built in 1943, and was disguised as a collection hole for cow urine. The Sliq operated until 1947. Its area is about 25 square meters, and it is about 5 meters deep.

During the "Black Sabbath", the opening of the Sliq was sealed in fear that it might be discovered by the British, and was re-opened after the beginning of Israel's independence war, and the weapons stored in it were given to the fighting forces of Nahalal.

The Sliq today is more or less like it was left over 50 years ago, and visiting it takes the visitor to the pre-state days of Israel.

The stories of the Avidov family are woven into the chronicles of the settlement of Israel, and Israel's security. The Sliq is located in the Avidov family's garden in Nahalal.


To organize a visit: +972-52-3347194 (Ofer)

Tel Megiddo - The Megiddo Hill

Tel Megiddo (Megiddo Hill) is located at the entrance to the Jezreel Valley from the Irron Valley. The hill overlooks the place where an ancient trade route, known in the Bible as Derekh HaYam or "Way of the Sea" passed. This route connected the lands of Egypt and Assyria, and was later known in the time of the Roman Empire as the Via Maris. The site was inhabited from 7000 BC to 500 BC, and is made of 26 layers of the ruins of ancient cities.

Megiddo is mentioned in Ancient Egyptian writings because one of Egypt's mighty kings, Thutmose III, waged war upon the city in 1478 BC.

According to some interpretations of the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, Tel Megiddo will be the place of Armageddon, the final battle between the forces of light led by Jesus Christ and the forces of darkness led by Satan or the Anti-Christ after the End of Days.


23 NIS (adult)
12 NIS (child)
19 NIS (adult in group)
11 NIS (child in group)





Getting there

To get to Tel Megiddo, take the Irron Valley road (Waddy Arra) to the Megiddo Junction, and turn left to the North. After 2km you will reach the entrance to the Megiddo National Park.