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Abel Tasman - Golden Bay - New Zealand Travel Information

Photos from Abel Tasman

טרק אייבל טזמן - Abel Tasman טרק אייבל טזמן - Abel Tasman טרק אייבל טזמן - Abel Tasman טרק אייבל טזמן - Abel Tasman טרק אייבל טזמן - Abel Tasman טרק אייבל טזמן - Abel Tasman לשון פרוול - Farewell Spit לוכד צדפות - Oyster Catcher חוף וורריקי - Wharariki beach חוף וורריקי - Wharariki beach כבשה חוף וורריקי - Wharariki beach

The northern coast of the south island is a major attraction for travelers who wish to enjoy a coastal area with beaches and forests, where the weather is relativly warm. This area is suitable for traveling even when other parts of the south island are closed because of the weather.

Abel Tasman Coastal Track

Abel Tasman Track is a 51 km easy to moderate trek. The track crosses the picturesque beach views of the north cost of the South Island.

Overall the trek is pretty easy. All the rivers along it are bridged and it is possible to complete it in 3 to 4 days. Along the trail there are several sleeping huts (for payment) or you can also build up a tent. The huts don?t have cooking facilities so you should carry it with you.

Before starting this trek, you mush register at the closest DOC office and pay for the lodging. The weather in the area is relatively comfortable, therefore this trek can be done throughout the year.


The track is not circular, and the way from the ending point to the starting point is by boats that pass along the shore in fixed timing and stops in several places along the track. It is recommended to reserve a seat before leaving for the trek.

Along the track there are several passes that depends on the low-tide and high-tide timings. At high-tide you mush skirt those parts. Therefore it is important to be updated on those timings before starting the trek and plan the journey ahead.


In my opinion after two days of walking the trail becomes monotonous. There is a better option (and more expensive one) of renting kayaks and going at least one way of the track with it.


Cost in high season:
hut: 25 NZD
tent: 10 NZD

Cost in low season:
hut: 12 NZD
tent: 5 NZD

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is located at the north end of the South Island.

Things to do in the area:

  • Farewell Spit
    a long spit protruding to the ocean with many water-birds arriving from the arctic area to nest on it
  • Waikoropupu Springs
    considered as the most pure water spring in the world.
  • Wharariki beach
    beautiful wild beach with surrounding islands and impressive rocks shapes. On the way to the beach baby sea-lions can often be seen.
  • Eel feeding
    experience of eel feeding that are being grown in the pools.

Getting there

Only one way reaches the bay from Nelson (an hour and half of drive) and there is no way to go from there to the west cost.. This might be the reason for the relatively small amount of visitors in the area.