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Alexander River - Mediterranean Coast Travel Information

Photos from Alexander River

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Alexander River is one of the only rivers in the shore area, in which waters flow yearlong. The river flows along a route about 44km long, until it reaches the Michmoret area.

Tour in the Alexander River

Alexander River is home to many animals, among them is a relativly large population of soft-shelled turtles. These turtles can be seen close to the "Turtle Bridge" in Kfar Vitkin.

Picnic tables are available in the park for the convinence of the visitors.


Entry to the Alexander River National Park is free.

Entry to the beach is 20NIS per vehicle during the week, and 28NIS per vehicle during the weekend.

Getting there

For people coming from Tel Aviv, take the coastal highway (route 2) towards Haifa, and get off at the Beit-Yanay interchange. Turn left on the bridge, and right towards Mikmoret. After about 100 meters, you will pass a bridge over the river. You can then look for a dirt road on the right leading into the reservation.

People wishing to get directly to the Turtle Bridge, should take the old Haifa - Tel-aviv highway (route 4) from Tel-aviv heading north, until the Hefer junction, where you turn left towards Kfar Vitkin. Drive 2 Kilometers, and before the railway turn right. Now drive until you reach the bridge.