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Argentina - Travel Information

Of all South America's countries, Argentina is my favorite country. While exploring this wonderful country, you will find endless beauty, rich culture and unparalleled food... The economic crisis that struck Argentina at the end of year 2001 made traveling in the country inexpensive, and so it is fits all budget sizes. As long as the economic crisis continues, it is a great opportunity that shouldn't be missed!

Argentina is rich in natural resources, and the level of education is high. It is hard to understand how Argentina reached its current situation. Contrary to Peru or Bolivia, Argentina is not difficult for traveling, even for the most spoiled traveler. Culture lovers will enjoy Tango dancing (originally from Argentina), sport lovers will enjoy excellent football matches, nature lovers will enjoy breathtaking treks and Argentina's incredible food will not leave food lovers hungry...

Argentina's Geography

Argentina is situated on the south-east cost of South America. The population is 38 million inhabitants and the land size is 2.77 sq km, the eighth largest country in the world.

The official language in Argentina is Spanish.

Technical information

International phone code: 54
Electric current: 220V

When to travel to Argentina

Argentina is located at the south part of the globe, therefore the seasons are inverted to the seasons that Europeans and North American travelers are used to. The recommended season for traveling in Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego (South Argentina) is the hot and dry season, meaning December to March. In south Argentina it might be cold even in summer (!) and strong winds are blowing there all year.

Argentina can be also pleasant in autumn (April-May) and spring (October-November) and even in winter. The size of the country enables travelers to travel in it all year, and in winter the focus can be on the hot north, especially Iguazu Falls and the area around Salta.

In and Out

Most Nationals do not need visa to visit Argentina. Upon arrival all non-visa visitors must obtain a free tourist card, good for 90 days and renewable for 90 more.

Argentina's border crossing with the surrounding countries is simple, involving minimal bureaucracy.

Travel costs in Argentina

Because of the economic crisis of 2001, Argentina changed from a very expensive country to a very inexpensive one for travel. The cost of leaving, however, is consistently increasing. About $600 to $800 per month should be sufficient for most backpackers. Off course the budget depends on special spending, such as internal flights.

The local currency is Peso ($1 = 3.05 Pesos, updated for July 2006)

Some tips regarding money in South America:

  • Take most of your money in Traveler Checks, preferably American Express. Leave at least
    400 Dollars unused until the end of your trip. This is safety money in case of a robbery.
    The exchange rate and commission on traveler checks are relatively high.
  • Write down your traveler checks details in your private e-mail, including emergency
    phone numbers for communication, in case your bags are stolen.
  • For daily use, draw money from ATMs using an international credit card. The ATM
    commission is per transaction; therefore draw each time a big amount of money.
  • Try to pay with credit card instead of cash - usually you will pay no commission.
  • Try to keep $200 in a hidden place, in a $100 bill and other smaller bills in case
    you reach a place with no ATMs (rare).

Getting around

The distances between cities in Argentina are enormous, therefore transportation should be a main consideration. Most traveling inside Argentina is usually done by bus. Long rides are "softened" by using a bed bus (Cama bus) that doesn't stop on the way. These buses have a toilette inside, and food is served to the passengers as in an airplane. The seats are like the ones in a jet's business class (3 in a row).

It is worthwhile planning at least one internal flight during the trip in Argentina. I recommend flying from Ushuaia (located at Tierra Del Fuego) back to Trelew (middle of the way to Buenos Aires). If this is the flight you wish to take, make the reservation as early as possible - duting the high season, flights leave Tierra Del Fuego full.

It is also recomended to rent a car in Bariloche for a tour of the lakes in the area. You should, hoever, beware of small (and cheap) rental companies, due to the low maintenance level of their vehicles and the poor chance of receiving an alternative car in case your car will breakdown. This is a very important issue, especially if your time is limited.

If you are combining a trip to the south with crossing to Chile, it is recomended to read the tips on transportation in Chile. You can cross the border with a rental car. An interesting option is renting a vehicle in Bariloche, driving south to Carretera Austrol and returning it in Los Antiguos.


  • Avoid getting to suburbs of big cities.
  • Call a taxi using a phone - avoid stopping one on the street.
  • Don't carry valuables with you if there is no need. A photocopy of
    your passport is sufficient.

(Last update: August 2006)