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Arica - Lauca National Park - Chile Travel Information

Photos from Arica

אגם צ'ונגרה (2002) Lago Chungara אגם צ'ונגרה (2002) Lago Chungara וויסקאצ'ת הרים (2002) Mountain Viscacha עמק אזפה - ציורי קרקע (2002) Azapa Valley

Arica is located on the northern tip of Chile, near the border with Peru, on the Pacific Ocean. The city is situated at the entrance of the Azapa valley. The city itself is not too impressive, but the surrounding area has some interesting places to visit.

Lauca National Park

Lauca National Park is situated on the slope of the Andes Mountains, 3200-3800 meters above sea level. In the park there are 6300 meters volcanoes.

In the park area there is Chungara Lake, the highest lake in the world (4517 meters). Above the lake rises Parinacota volcano.

There are many animals in the reserve, including viscacha (an animal that looks like a rabbit but with a longer tail) and vicuña (an animal that looks like llama).

The park is situated about 145 km easterly to Arica city, on the road connecting Arica to La Paz in Bolivia.


if you arrive to Arica by a night bus, don?t waste time with searching the bus to Putre. If the bus has already left, it is worthwhile taking a taxi and catching the bus down the way (it makes a round tour at the city and then waits another 20 minutes at another place).

Getting there

To get to the park, take a bus from Arica to Putre village, located about 12 km from the park entrance. You can find sleeping places and arrange a tour at the park. Buses to Putre are leaving Arica once a day early morning. Those who arrive with a night bus to Arica and want to go straight to the park will just make the bus to Putre.

Azapa Valley Geoglyphs

Azapa Valley is drained to the sea near Arica city. Relatively to the surrounded desert, the valley itself is green and full of extensive agricultural fields.

In the valley you can see few paintings on the hills (Geoglyphs) that were created by dark stones put on the bright ground.

You can visit the Archeology museum (Museo Arqueologico San Miguel de Azapa). The museum presents an impressive Indian?s archeology and pre-Colombian?s collections. Entrance fee is 1000 Pesos and a taxi to the museum will cost you 700 Pesos per person.