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כנסייה - דנדין כנסייה - דנדין רחוב בולדווין - הרחוב התלול בעולם רחוב בולדווין - הרחוב התלול בעולם תחנת הרכבת של דנדין תחנת הרכבת של דנדין תחנת הרכבת של דנדין חוף טאנל - Tunnel Beach חוף טאנל - Tunnel Beach המנהרה אל חוף טאנל - Tunnel Beach

Dunedin is the second biggest city in the South Island and during the gold rush was even the biggest one. The wealth of the city can be seen in its impressive buildings, many of them are Victorian style.

Dunedin is a must pass traveling in the South Island and the following places should not be missed:

Baldwin Street - The world's steepest street

Baldwin Street appears in Guinness book as the steepest street in the world. The slope of the street is 1:1:266. Each year a race take place in the street, which the winner is going up and down the street in approximately 2 minutes.

Dunedin's Train Station

Dunedin?s Old Train Station was built in a Renaissance-Flemish style between 1904 to 1906. George Traup, the engineer that built the station won the British Architecture Union Award and was crowned as a knight as well. The building is an impressive combination of black basalt stones and white chalkstones.

Tunnel Beach

Approximately at 1870 the initiator and politician John Cargill instructed to mine a tunnel through the coarse sand cliff, so that his family could reach the beach near their home. The rumors are saying that he gave the tunnel to his daughter as a birthday present. The tunnel enabled them a private approach to the beach.

Getting there

Tunnel Beach is about 15 minutes drive from Dunedin?s center. A marked trail is leading the visitors from the parking lot to the beautiful beach through the mined tunnel.

Cadbury World

Chocolate lovers will find Cadbury World in Dunedin - a tour in a big chocolate factory, including a lot of chocolate tasting. The tour is interesting and delicious!



Getting there

280 Cumberland St.

Additional information may be found at Cadbury World