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פלמינגו קריבי פיל אסייני טרופי דב-חום סורי פנדה אדומה תוכים ברדלס קופי סנאי

The Jerusalem tours have been specially customized keeping in mind the religious sentiments of the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims. The most amazing fact about Jerusalem is that the city of Jerusalem is considered to be holy by the Jews, the Christians and by the Muslims as well. As a result, Jerusalem has often been referred to as the ?Holy City? or the ?Holy land?. Braving the centuries of struggle, conflict and bloodshed, communities of the three major monotheistic religions have co-existed with one another.

Experience history in Israel

The country of Israel is home to numerous religious places and places bearing historical importance as well. The Israel tours are meticulously designed keeping in mind the requisite of the tourists from all over the world. There are some who come for a religious pilgrimage. There are some who come to experience the history come alive while there are others who just want to enjoy a leisure holidaying in Israel.

Among the various Israel tours, the most popular have been the Jerusalem tours. The Jerusalem tours especially those that revolve around the places within the old city of Jerusalem, are the most popular with the tourists. The tours take tourists to places like the Wailing Wall, the Dome of the Rock, the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Mount of the Olives and the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea has a high amount of salt content and therefore no human being can drown in the Dead Sea. This unique property of the Dead Sea has made Dead Sea tours extremely popular among tourists who want to enjoy the experience of floating in the middle of the Dead Sea. At the same time the Dead Sea is also frequented by health conscious tourists who look forward to use the water as a form of medication. The Dead Sea tours got a major boost since the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls from the nearby Qumran caves.

Staying in Jerusalem

Tourists at the Holy City of Jerusalem can book their accommodation in the various hotels of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem hotels make sure that the tourists receive a warm welcome and 24X7 hours personalized attention. These along with all the modern amenities make sure that the guests staying at the hotels in Jerusalem will definitely come back again.

The hotels of Jerusalem being situated far from the sea, does not offer any sea facing rooms. Instead the rooms offer panoramic view of the illuminated skyline of the old, walled city of Jerusalem. This is a picturesque view indeed. Guests staying at the hotels in Jerusalem will experience a unique combination of both the ancient world as well as the modern day amenities.

Choose from your various Jerusalem tours and book them now

Visit the travel engines that specialize in Jerusalem tours and make your pick from the several options that are available there. You can even customize your very own Jerusalem tour. You can be very sure that you will be put in one of the finest hotels in all of Israel and you will surely enjoy your time at Jerusalem.

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