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Laguna Laja - Antuco Volcano - Chile Travel Information

Photos from Laguna Laja

הר הגעש אנטוקו (2002) Antuco Volcano רקדניות (2002) הפארק הלאומי לאגונה לאחה (2002)Laguna del Laja National Park הכפר אבניקו (2002) Abanico לטאה (2002) סוס באפיק נהר לאחה (2002) לאגונה לאחה (2002) Laguna del Laja מפלי טרביינו (2002)Saltos del Torbellino הר הגעש אנטוקו (2002) Antuco Volcano הר הגעש אנטוקו (2002) Antuco Volcano מפלי לאחה - Laja Falls הר הגעש אנטוקו (2002) Antuco Volcano

(Parque Nacional Laguna Laja)

Laguna Laja National Park includes the Lagoons area and Antuco Volcano that rises up to 2985 meters above the small village Abanico.

Laja Lake was created due to an eruption of Antuco volcano at 1852 that blocked the way of Laja river. Until today the water did not break a way through the lava barrier so it goes through the lava itself, and comes out pure and clean from the other side.

The lake water are being used to manufacture third of Chile?s electricity consumption with the help of hydroelectric station.

Getting to Laguna Laja

In order to get to Laja Lagoon you need to get first to Los Angeles city, about 100 km southern to Chillan city.

At Los Angeles you take a bus from Islajacoop the local terminal at 501 Villagran Street, to Abanico village, located easterly to the city. The ride (90 km) takes about 2 hours.

Make sure not to take a bus that goes only up to Antuco village.

There are few buses leaving everyday (8:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30, 19:15) and on Sunday only twice a day (10:30, 19:15).

Visiting Laguna Laja

The most interesting attractions in the Laguna Laja national park are the Laguna itself, the impressive Antuco Volcano and some beautiful waterfalls. Nature lovers will enjoy 46 different types of birds, including the Andean Condor.


The basic tour at the park includes one day to arrive, one day to tour at the park and a day to return.

Chileans travelers arrive to Laja Lake on weekends, therefore you can easily catch a ride from Abanico village to the lake area. The way back from the lake (about 17 km down the dirt-road) can be done by foot with a stop at Saltos del Torbellino waterfalls.

Longer treks can be done at the park area, especially by the lake shore.


Entrance fee to the park is 750 Pesos.