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Photos from Mekong River

מעדן מקומי - עכבישים מטוגנים קומפונג צ'ם - Kompong Cham קומפונג צ'ם - Kompong Cham קומפונג צ'ם - Kompong Cham קומפונג צ'ם - Kompong Cham קומפונג צ'ם - Kompong Cham קומפונג צ'ם - Kompong Cham קומפונג צ'ם - Kompong Cham קומפונג צ'ם - Kompong Cham קומפונג צ'ם - Kompong Cham קראצ'י - Kratie

The Mekong river passes through Cambodia on its way from Laos to Vietnam. Along the banks of the Mekong there are several towns worth a stop on your way from or to Laos.


Skuon is a small town where the buses stop on their way from Phnom Penh to Kompong Cham. The uniqueness of the town is in its inhabitants? favorite food: deep-fried spiders. When the bus to Kompong Cham stops for a break, it is recommended to get off the bus to be impressed by the plates full of the delicacy.

Kompong Cham

The town Kompong Cham is situated on the Mekong?s river bank, near the new bridge that was built on the river with Japanese funding. This is the only bridge today that passes above the Mekong in Cambodia territory. The town is being used as a main crossroads to the roads and the boats sailing in the river.

Most travelers that arrive to Kompong Cham do it on their way along the river towards the border with Laos or on their way from there. Yet, you should know that there are few things that are worthwhile seeing in this area that justifies 2-3 days of stay before continuing the journey.

It is recommended to visit the local market to see the exotic food and special fruits.


You can do the tour in the area with a rented motorbike with a driver that will take you to the following places:

  • Koh Paen
    A countryside island situated in the Mekong River that is connected to the bank by a bamboo bridge or by ferries during the rain season. There are many small monasteries on this island, and it?s a good place to meet curious monks and make conversation with them.
  • Wat Nokor temple
    Based on inscriptions that were found in the place, this temple was built in the 11th century AD by King Surya Varman II. Today in the temple area there is a modern structure that creates an interesting contrast between the new temple and the old one.
  • The women?s hill, the men?s hill- Phnom Srei, Phonm Pros
    The legend tells that a group of men and a group of women competed between them who will build a temple during a whole night. The women built a bonfire on their hill and the men were mistaken to think that it is sunrise and stopped their work. This is how the women won the competition. The climb on the tall hill is unnecessary, but on the small hill you can meet dozens of friendly monkeys.


The town Kratie is being used as a place to stop on the way to the border with Laos or from there. The town is mostly famous for being the best place to watch rare Irrawaddi dolphins (in Latin Trey Pisaut) that live in the Mekong water near the town. These dolphins are sweat-water dolphins that are in severe annihilation danger.

During the Khmer Rouge reign, many dolphins were hunted for oil producing, and today only about 60 dolphins are living in the area (compared to over 1000 in the past).

Getting there

In order to see the dolphins you need to get to a place called Kampi, about 15 km northern to Kartie. From there you can sail along the river and watch the dolphins swimming in the stream.