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אגם פוקקי - Lake Pukaki אנדרטה - סר אדמונד הילרי כובש האוורסט הר קוק בשקיעה הר קוק - צילום לילה שושנת הר קוק - Mount Cook Lilly שושנת הר קוק - Mount Cook Lilly הר קוק - Mount Cook הר קוק - Mount Cook האגמים הכחולים - קרחון אייבל טסמן אגם פוקקי - Lake Pukaki אגם פוקקי - Lake Pukaki

The Mount Cook park is one of the most beautiful parks in New Zealand. More than third of park territory is permanently covered with ice and snow. The only problem touring in the park is that good weather is required in order to completely enjoy it.

22 out of 27 mountains higher than 3050 meters in New Zealand are situated in the park area, including Mount Cook, the tallest in Australia & New Zealand area, rising up to 3755 meters.

Mount Cook is named after Captain James Cook, who was the first British to discover New Zealand in 1769. The Maoris name it Aoraki Mountain.

UNESCO declared Mount Cook in 1990 as a World Heritage Site.

Mount Cook National Park

Arriving to the park through Lake Pukaki on a good weather day is an enjoyable experience. Only the scenery of the un-realistic color of the lake together with Mount Cool rising above it makes the arrival worthwhile.


The park is offers two short hikes that leave from the White horse hill campsite, northern to Hermitage Motel:

  • Kea Point
    1-2 hours easy hike to an impressing viewpoint, observing Mount Cook and the surrounding valleys, mountains and glaciers.
  • Hooker Valley
    3 hours of beautiful hike to Hooker Valley and the lake at the bottom of Hooker glacier. The trail crosses two hanged bridges. In summer time, it is advisable looking for Mount Cook Lilly, blossoming in the valley.

Additional information may be found at Mount Cook National Park

Tasman Glacier

Another glacier in the park area is the Tasman Glacier named after Able Tasman, the first western man to discover New Zealand. The glacier is 8 km from Hermitage Motel. It is possible to get within 40 minutes walk to a viewpoint observing the glacier, but it is dirty and unattractive. The way to the viewpoint crosses several lakes called The Blue Lakes.

In summary, go there only if there is time and nothing else to do.