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הר ציון כנסיית דורמיציון - Dormition Church כנסיית דורמיציון - Dormition Church ביצי פסחא צבועות - Easter Eggs מרתף כנסיית דורמיציון כנסיית דורמיציון - Dormition Church בית קייפא הכוהן קבר דוד המלך - הר ציון, ירושלים חדר הסעודה האחרונה קנקולום - Cenaculum דורמיציון - קבר מריים הקדושה קבר מריה הקדושה - כנסיית דורמיציון

Mount Zion is on the southern part of Jerusalem's Old city. The mountain was not included in the area surrounded by Jerusalem's Walls, but is an integral part of the old city.

Jewish and Muslim traditions mark Mount Zion as the burial place of King David, and today it is possible to visit King David's Tomb.

Christian tradition point to Mount Zion as the place where the last supper was held, in a room over King David's Tomb, called 'Coenaculum'. This is also where Christ re-appeared after his resurrection.

Christian traditions also point to Mount Zion as the place where Virgin Mary have fallen asleep for the last time. On that spot, a massive Benedictine basilica, named the Dormition Abby was erected.

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Dormition Abby

According to Catholic theology and the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches, Mount Zion is the place where the Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ, is said to have fallen asleep for the last time, just before she was taken into Heaven along with her soul after her death, which is also called the Assumption of Mary.

Mount Zion is where the Benedictine Basilica of the Dormition (Dormition Abby) was errected. In the basement of the Abby there is a statue of the sleeping Holy Mother.

The Dormition Abbey is a massive structure, just outside the Zion Gate, and resembles a mighty fortress; it is topped by a high, domed belltower, a conical dome and corner towers.

The Dormition Abby was completed by Kaiser Wilhelm II between 1906 and 1910, on land given to him by the Turkish Sultan Chamid as a gift. The Church is based on plans by Heinrich Renard who used as a model the Carolingian cathedral of Aix-la-Chapelle.