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Nepal, the Himalayan Kingdom, offers breathtaking sceneries of huge snowy mountains. Out of the 14 peaks in the world that are over 8000 meters, 8 are in Nepal. The altitude in Nepal ranges from 60 meters above sea level to 8,848 meters (Mount Everest), the highest mountain in the world, and all within 150 km.

In addition to its geographic diversity, Nepal also offers ancient templates and an impressive cultural experience.

Until 1951 no visitors were allowed to enter Nepal, but today many visitors arrive to Nepal every year.

Nepal's Geography

Nepal is situated in South East Asia, between India and china (formerly Tibet). The northern part of Nepal is dominated by the Himalayan Mountain range - The Himalayas.

Nepal's population is about 26 million, and its land size is 140,800 sq km.

The official language in Nepal is the Nepalese. Most of Nepal's population believes in the Hindu religion.

Most of Nepal's population (about 80%) still lives in small villages.

Technical information

International phone code: 977
Electric current: 230V

When to travel to Nepal

The climate factor is very important in planning a trip to Nepal. The beginning of the dry season, during October-November is the best season for traveling. The air is fresh, visibility is clear and the county blooms after the monsoons. February-April (the season before the monsoons begins) is also a good season to travel, but visibility could be less clear due to haze.

During December-January, visibility is clear but the temperature might be very low, which can make trekking in the mountains more demanding.

The rest of the year is hot and humid or wet (monsoons).

In and Out

All nationals (except Indians) needs visa to enter Nepal. The visa lets you tour around Katmandu valley, Pokhara and Chitawan Park. Those who wish to travel outside of these areas must get an authorization form immigration offices. The visa can be issued at the embassy at your home country or at Nepal's border when entering the country. The cost (single entry):

30$ for 60 days
25$ for 25 days
15$ for 15 days

A passport photo and cash US dollars are required.

It is possible to extend the visa at immigration offices for the cost of $1 per day.

Travelers that leave Nepal by flight from the airport are required to pay 1000 Rupee for departure tax.

Travel costs in Nepal

Nepal is relatively cheap for traveling. A budget of $400-$500 per month will be sufficient for most backpackers. Of course the budget depends on special spending such as rafting, bungee jumps etc.

Nepal's local currency is called Rupee ($1 = 73.7 Rupee, updated for July 2006).


  • Nepal has become a battlefield in the war between the Maoist resistance and the government.
    This underground operates all around Nepal.
  • In case there is a general strike in a certain area, try to avoid getting there - things
    tend to develop quickly, and you may find yourself in situations you do not want to be in.
  • Don't carry any valuables on you if there is no need. A photocopy of your passport is sufficient.
  • If someone asks you for money during a trek - and he has a gun - pay. It's not worth loosing
    your life over a few dollars.

(Last update: August 2006)