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קורמורן מנוקד - Spotted Cormorant אלבטרוס מלכותי - Royal Albatross טירת לרנך - Larnach Castle טירת לרנך - Larnach Castle The Chasm - Sandymount - Otago קפיצת האוהבים - Lover's Leap - Sandymount

The Otago Peninsula is close to the city of Dunedin. The Penunsula has many places that you can visit.

Larnach Castle

Larnach Castle is the only castle in New Zealand. The castle was built in 1871 by William Larnach. 200 workers built it in 3 years and it took another 12 years for the interior decoration.

The castle is privately owned by the Barker family, who bought it in 1967 and renovated it after many years of neglect. Today the castle is functioning as a museum of private antics collection.

The tour in the castle is self-guided:


Entrance to the castle and gardens:
Adult: 15 NZD
Child: 6 NZD

Entrance to the gardens only:
Adult: 8 NZD
Child: 3 NZD



Additional information may be found at Larnach Castle

Sandymount Track Network

This coastal area is great for a short walk along the cliffs droping to the sea to Lover's Leap and The Chasm - two impressive rock formations. The walk takes about an hour, and it is closed during lambing season.

Royal Albatross Colony

The sight of a Royal Albatross flight is unforgettable. Flying with its thin 3 meters wings it can reach an amazing speed of up to 115 km/h. The Albatross is impressive in the air but is clumsy on the ground.

The nesting colony of the Royal Albatross is at Taiaroa Head in the north part of Otago Peninsula. This is the only point where the Royal Albatross nests that is not a far island.

The colony is growing and in 1994 between 90 to 100 Albatross birds were nesting on the island.

There is a view point that enables observing the colony without interrupting the birds. The view point is accessible from November 24 until September 16 throughout the year. However it is possible (and advisable) arriving also of season to watch be impressed by the birds flying around.

In Taiaroa Head there used to be a castle that was built at the end of the 19th century in order to protect New Zealand from a possible invasion from Russia. In the place there are special guns, called ?Armstrong Disappearing Gun?.


Entrance to the viewing point:
Adult: 25 NZD
Child: 12 NZD

Entrance to the fortress:
Adult: 12 NZD
Child: 6 NZD

Combined entrance:
Adult: 30 NZD
Child: 15 NZD


Daily: 09:00-19:00

Additional information may be found at Royal Albatross Colony