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שדות ההרג - Choeung Ek שדות ההרג - Choeung Ek שדות ההרג - Choeung Ek כלא Tuol Sleng - S21 כלא Tuol Sleng - S21 כלא Tuol Sleng - S21 כלא Tuol Sleng - S21 פנום פן - פגודת הכסף - ציורי קיר פנום פן - פגודת הכסף פנום פן - פגודת הכסף - ציורי קיר פנום פן - פגודת הכסף - ציורי קיר פנום פן - פגודת הכסף - ציורי קיר

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia.

Silver Pagoda - The King's Palace

The king?s palace and the silver pagoda temple are both situated in an area surrounded by wall on the riverside.

The kingdom palace was built in 1866 by King Norodom, with the sponsorship of the French reign, and other structures were added in the years after.

The silver pagoda (Wat Prea Keo Morokat) is called so for the 5000 silver flooring that compounds the floor of the central building and each of the weighs over a kilo. The building itself is not functioning as a temple, but mostly as an exhibition place for thousands of beautiful objects that were collected by the royal family through the years. This collection includes an emerald colored Buddha statue that after it the temple is called ?Temple of the Emerald Buddha? and a Buddha statue from 1907 made of pure gold and weigh 90 kg.

In the past the temple was made out of wood until 1962 when it was replaced with concrete and marble structure.

The wall surrounding the pagoda is decorated with a painting from the end of the 19th century that includes the whole of the Ramayana story.


$3 per person
$2 for camera
$5 for video camera



Choeung Ek - The Killing Fields

The place called The Killing Fields is situated about 15 km south-west of Phnom Penh. The Khmer Rouge regime?s soldiers used this place to slaughter their prisoners and bury them in huge pits during their madness reign under the leader Pol Pot during 1975-1979.

Today there are few pits in the site, common grave and monument with thousands of human skulls arranged by their size. The tour in the site is usually joint with the tour to Tuol Sleng prison (know also by the name S21)

S21 - Tuol Sleng

S21 is a school that was endorsed to a prison and a center to the reign?s opposers by the Khmer Rouge reign. The prison was left as it was at 1979, the end of this horror reign. The estimation is that between 1975 and 1979, 17,000 political prisoners were in the prison, most of them regular citizens. Those prisoners were tortured in the place and then were sent to the killing fields to be murdered. Only 7 prisoners have survived.

The population of the prison was thoroughly cataloged by the jailors, and the walls of one of the wings are full with photos of the prisoners that were photographed as they arrived to the prison.

At 10:00 AM a movie on the prison is being projected. It is recommended to watch it in order to understand what has happened in this place.

The touring in the site is shocking, and is not recommended to those who are sensitive for such issues.