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Thailand - Travel Information

Thailand is perhaps the most convenient place for tasting the atmosphere of the Far East while preserving a high level of comfortableness. At one moment the traveler can enter into a spiritual ancient temple and at the next moment to step out to a modern crowded street. Thailand is stepping forward in modernization while keeping its own unique identity.

Thailand's Geography

Thailand is situated in South East Asia. It borders with Malaysia and the sea in the south, with Burma in the west and with Laos and Cambodia in the east.

Thailand?s land size is 517,000 sq km and its population is about 62 million inhabitants

Technical information

International phone code: 66
Electric current: 220V

When to travel to Thailand

The monsoons in Thailand are between July to November. During that period there might be lots of rain, which might make the traveling more difficult. Nevertheless during the wet season there are many days that the sun shines.

The dry season splits to the cooler season during November? February and to the hotter season during March? June.

Of course the most convenient season to travel in Thailand is during the dry and cool season but it is definitely feasible to travel also during the other two seasons. The fact that the Thailand?s roadbeds are relatively in good condition, enables a tour also during the rain season.

A tour during the rain season and the hot season enables to travel at low costs, but on the other hand the traveling might be more difficult (hot / wet).

In and Out

There is no need to pre issue a visa to enter Thailand. Within arrival to airport or to other border passes you will be granted with an automatic 30 day stay visa, free of charge. In some of the border passes you might be requested to pay a small fee for the visa issue.

Travel costs in Thailand

The local currency in Thailand is called Baht. $1 = 41 Baht updated for October 2004.

Thailand is not an expensive place to travel. $500-$700 per month will be sufficient for most backpackers.

(Last update: August 2006)