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Tonle Sap Lake - Battambang - Cambodia Travel Information

Photos from Tonle Sap Lake

מקדש פנום-סמפאו - Phnom Sampeau Temple מקדש פנום-סמפאו - Phnom Sampeau Temple מקדש בנאן - Wat Banan מושבת עטלפי פירות רכבת מקומית אגם טונלה סאפ - Tonle Sap Lake אגם טונלה סאפ - Tonle Sap Lake אגם טונלה סאפ - Tonle Sap Lake אגם טונלה סאפ - Tonle Sap Lake אגם טונלה סאפ - Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap Lake ("the big lake") is one of world's geographical wonder. The amazing thing about this lake is that during the wet season, the Tonle Sap Lake turns its streaming direction, and instead of draining the lake it floods it while multiply its size almost by ten. This makes Tonle Sap Lake the biggest sweat water pool in South East Asia.

The lake's cyclic flood makes the area very fertile and every year a new fertile soil layer is being added. This lake is the soul of the Cambodia's agriculture.

Getting to Tonle Sap Lake

A cruise on the lake is a very important transportation tool in a country with such bad roads. The lake uses travelers as they pass by boats between the cities Siem Reap (where Angkor's temples are situated), Battambang and Phnom Penh.

The cruise between Siem Reap and Battambang is highly recommended. This cruise goes first on the lake and continues along a river until reaching Battambang. The cruise enables to closely be impressed from the rich lake and river?s lives.


The city Battambang is the second in its size among Cambodia's cities. The city itself is relatively quiet and not many visitors stop there on the way between Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.


Yet, if you arrive to the city, an interesting day tour in the area can be arranged. This kind of tour is done with a rented motorbike with a driver. The tour can contain the following things:

  • Phnom Sampeau Temple
    This temple is situated about 25 km from the city, on a cliff?s edge. The temple itself is pretty new and there are several remains of the war period in the area. You can see old cannons and visit a cave where many Cambodians were murdered during the Khmer Rouge reign. In the cave there is a cage with bones and skulls remains of the murderees. You can still see the electric wires that were used to tie their hands during the murder.
  • Wat Banan Temple
    A temple from the 10th century AD situated western to the city. The temple is located on top of a small hill with steep stairs that goes up there.
  • The fruit bats colony
    On the way back you can go by a monastery that next to it, there is a tree with dozens of fruit?s bats regularly living on it. What is special about this tree is that there are no leafs on it so you can clearly see the bats.
  • The local train