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Ein Gedi - David Stream - Arugot Stream - The Dead Sea Travel Information

Photos from Ein Gedi

עין גדי - מפל דוד מעיין שולמית - עין גדי מקדש מן התקופה הכלכוליתית - עין גדי שפני סלע - עין גדי שפני סלע - עין גדי שפן סלע - עין גדי שפן סלע עין גדי טריסטרמית - Tristram's Starling עין גדי שכבות סלע - נחל ערוגות נחל ערוגות - המפל הנסתר

Ein Gedi National Park is located in The Dead Sea Valley, and includes two streams, in which water flows all year - David Stream and Arugot Stream. The water flow comes from four springs inside the park: David Spring (in the David stream canyon), Arugot Spring (in the Arugot Stream canyon), Shulamit Spring, and Ein Gedi Spring (both on the slopes between the two streams).

The amazing contrast between the dryness of The Dead Sea velley, and the waters that flow in Ein Gedi (about 3 Million cubic meters a year) create a diversity of flora and fauna.

Visiting the Ein Gedi National Park

Ein Gedi National Park has a wide variety of animals, starting from the Cape Hyrax (a small rabbit like animal), through the Nubian Ibex (a horned mammel), to even Leopards (though chances to see those are really scarce...)

The Ein Gedi region was populated during various pereiods, and many archeological finding were discovered here, including an anchient temple (over 5000 years old). The discoveries show continuous Jewish presence in Ein Gedi for over 1200 years, starting from the 7th century BC to the 6th centry AD.


Attention: You must leave the park before 17:00!

There are some basic routs in the Ein Gedi Nationa Park:

  • Lower David Stream
    This easy walk takes you through the lower part of the David stream, to the beautiful David waterfall. This trip takes around one hour. The walk starts and ends at the park's ticket office in the David stream.
  • Arugot Stream
    An easy walk along the lower part of the Arugot stram, to the hidden waterfall. The walk takes around 2-3 hours. The walk starts and ends at the Arugot streat ticket office.
  • Combined route
    This medium difficulty walk starts along the lower part of the David stream to the David waterfall, and from there climbs thought the Shulamit Spring to the ancient temple and the Ein Gedi sping. From there, the walk contiues to the Arugot spring and the hidden waterfall. The walk takes around 5-6 hours. It starts in the David stream ticket office, and ends in the Arugot stream ticket office.

There are other harder wallks in the area, so you may inquire about those at the Ein Gedi park.


23 NIS (Adult)
12 NIS (Child)
19 NIS (Adult in a group)
11 NIS (Child in a group)
The entrance fee apply to the David and Arugot streams





Getting there

Take route 90 south along the dead sea, and about 1km north of the Ein Gedi Kibbutz, turn right to the Ein Gedi Park.