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Photos from Fitz Roy

לגונת דה לוס טרס (2003) Laguna de los Tres לגונת דה לוס טרס (2003)Laguna de los Tres לגונה סוסיה (2003) Laguna Sucia פיץ רוי (2003) Fitz Roy Mountain פיץ רוי (2003) Fitz Roy Mountain שפירית (2003) הר פיץ רוי - פטגוניה (2003) Patagonia - Fitz Roy הר טורה (2003) Cerro Torre קרחון טורה (2003) Glaciar Torre פטגוניה - פיץ רוי (2003) לגונה טורה (2003) Laguna Torre קרחון טורה (2003) Torre Glacier

(Cerro Fitz Roy)

Fitz Roy Mountain (Cerro Fitz Roy) is located in Parque National Los Glaciares that covers an area of 6,000.000 sq km of mountains, glaciers and lakes in the Santa Cruz Province in the south of Argentina.

The park is situated in the part Argentina known as Patagonia. Most of the park is inaccessible for visitors, except for 2 areas - the Fitz Roy area near the twon of Chalten, and the Perito Moreno region (see separately).

Getting to Fitz Roy

The town of Chalten is the trek's starting point. Buses leave from El Calafate to Chalten on a regular basis. Durin peak season, the town is completely full, therefore it is advisable to arrive well organized and start the Trek immediately without delays, and not spend a night in town.

The Fitz Roy Trek

Fitz Roy Trek is a walk into the Los Glaciares reserve. The Trek passes through huge granite masifs, blue glaciers and magical lakes. The most notable mountains in the area are the Fitz Roy Mountain - a huge granite masif, at 3405 meters above sea level and the Torre Mountain, at 3102 meters above sea level.

The best season for travel as far as the weather goes is December to March. The weather, however, always depends on your luck and it might rain at any time. The weather in the area is unpredictable, and many will walk the Trek without seeing the view of the Fitz Roy and Torre Mountains, both famous for their cloudiness.


There are many possible walks in the park, starting from one day walks (climbing to thr viewpoint on Fitz Roy Mountain and then back down on the same day), and up to six day walks.

Here is my recommendation of a relaxed 6 days Trek:

Day 1: leave Chalten, climb the trail that leads up to Campo Poincenot, at the foot of the Fitz Roy Mountain. Sleep at the camp.

Day 2: climb to Laguna de los Tres before sunrise to watch the sunrise, which in good weather colors the mountains in red and orange, a phenomenon called "The fire sunrise - Amanecer del Fuego". The scene of the Laguna and mountain are unbelievably beautiful and you just won't want to go back down. Sleep in the same camp.

Day 3: walk to Laguna Pierdras Blancas, that has a beautiful glacier flowing into it. Head back to sleep in the same camp.

Day 4: leave the camp and head to Laguna Torre. Sleep in Campo D'agostini.

Day 5: walk around Laguna Torre to a viewpoint on Torre glacier and Torre Mountain. Return to sleep in the same camp.

Day 6: go back down to Chalten.


Sleeping in the park is in organized campgrounds where you can set up a tent, free of charge.

There are no toilets at all. No hotels, shops or running water in the park area. The water running in the streams are good for drinking. Travelers must carry food with them for the whole Trek.

  • A good tent and other waterproof equipment are essential for the trek! It may rain at anytime, and strong winds are an everyday matter even during the warm season.
  • The water at the reserve is cold and very good for drinking. Add some concentrated juice (Tang) to these waters for a true pleasure.